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Novelties Salmed 2022


Discover novelties of Salmed Fair 2022!

New product application

GE Medical Systems Polska


LOGIQ™ E10 from GE means advanced artificial intelligence technology, new XDclear probes for optimal image resolution, and data processing capabilities greater than ever before.

Versana Premier™

The Versana Premier™ is a flagship model of a new ultrasound product family from GE. Designed to help you deliver high-quality care, provide quick and comfortable exams, and confidently diagnose a broad range of conditions at an affordable price.


C213 EVO AT – Shower trolley with hydraulically-adjustable height

Trolley for bathing and transporting lying people. Equipment: hydraulic height adjustment, Anti-/Trendelenburg position, wheels with individual lock, bumpers, direction wheel, PVC bathtub, head and foot end rails and side rails of stainless steel.


Operating and treatment table with 5-part lying section and electric adjustment of height and Anti-/Trendelenburg position. Equipment: backrest adjustment (gas spring), side rails, cover of the lifting section cover and lower frame, roll holder.


Care chair for people who require constant care. Equipment: deflectable seat, 4 swivel wheels (easier movement), synchronized adjustment (simultaneously raising the legs part and lowering the backrest), upholstered armrests, footrest.


Ergospirometr CardioTest CPET

The diagnostic system designed to perform standard electrocardiographic exercise tests together with a direct assessment of performance and the assessment of the respiratory system and muscle metabolism based on measurements of flow and concentration of exhaust gas.

AsCard Green electrocardiograph

The AsCard Green electrocardiograph combines quality and modern design. The compact dimensions, low weight of the device, and connection to the CardioTEKA HL7 software enabling communication with Hospital Information Systems thanks to the support of the HL7 standard, make it a technologically advanced ECG device


Evario - clinical bed with weight

The modern Evario bed is suitable for daily patient care, intensive care and as a support for quick recovery. It is equipped with innovative PROTEGA side barriers, which are operated with one hand. They protect the patient to a height of 41 cm, and the integrated control panel located on both sides allows you to adjust the individual functions of the bed.


Smart distributor

The device is used to dispense all types of protective clothing. Due to its small depth, it does not narrow the space much. The employee, after identifying himself by means of a proximity card, selects the size and type of clothing that he wants to take. At this point, the correct box opens, sharing its content.


Quality control of medical devices

Quality Control Tests Laboratory accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation (PCA) in the field of physical properties of medical equipment

SAMSUNG Radiography Systems

HIGH QUALITY MOBILE X-RAY SYSTEM with battery drive system. Thanks to it you will gain advanced technology enclosed in a neat and handy device: compactness, innovative technology, speed and precision, hardiness.

Service X-ray systems

Medikol Group is an experienced service company specializing in the inspection, repair and maintenance of medical equipment, including magnetic resonances, computer tomographs, x-ray systems, DR/CR systems.


Exoskeleton Japet Atlas

It's the first exoskeleton that helps therapists take care of patients. It aims to make them forget the pain and retrain their back. Biofeedback module enables a direct interaction between the patient and the therapist. It provides real-time information on movements, forces and angles reached by the patient.

Deymed Diagnostic - TruScan®LT Neurofeedback System

With the TruScan Neurofeedback system, you can now do qEEG and Neurofeedback with this all-in-one portable system. Featuring high sample rates, continuous on-line impedance monitoring and an intuitive user-friendly interface, the Deymed TruScan Neurofeedback is the only tool a Neurofeedback practitioner needs.

qmd® ares cryo-thermal

A complete system consisting of the therapeutic laser qmd® ares (wavelengths of 808 and 1064nm, 18W) and a qmd® cryo-thermal module allowing to boost the anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, myo-relaxant and analgesic effects. A color touchscreen 10.1“ with an intuitive software, allows for easy handling.

Portable electrocardiograph Cardioline ECG 100S

Portable, 12-lead electrocardiograph for full ECG diagnostic with 4,3’’ LCD color display and 100 mm thermal printer.


Huber 360° Evolution

Specialised in osteo-articular and muscle rehabilitation, HUBER 360® EVOLUTION integrates unprecedented features and enlarges the span of its applications to better support you in your daily activity and improve your efficiency.

Pixel CO2

The Pixel CO2 system is intended for use in Aesthetic and surgical applications requiring excision, incision, ablation, vaporization and coagulation of soft tissue using light energy emitted by a carbon dioxide laser in surgical applications including.

Emtel System

Ascom Digistat CIS

The Digistat suite is an advanced patient data management software system that is designed specifically for use by clinicians, nurses and administrators. The software package comprises a large set of modules that can either work alone or be fully integrated to provide a complete patient data management solution.

FAMED Żywiec


The tabletop allows to limit the dose of radiation that penetrates into the patient’s body; the risk of making a wrong diagnosis based on imaging drops to a minimum. The tabletop made with TotalClear™ technology has not only a very good translucency parameter (0.36 mm Al), but above all the images taken on this tabletop are very clear and free of distortions (compared to other tabletops for imaging).

BTL Polska


BTL EMSELLA™ is an ergonomic chair that uses HIFEM technology to stimulate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The device has received the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certificate as a device effective in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence.

LekSeek Polska

Gabinet drWidget

Gabinet drWidget is a modern programme for comprehensive management of private practice or an out patient clinic. Technologically advanced, yet easy in operation, it meets all standards applicable to the health care industry.

WISAP Medical Technology GmbH

AQ 200 new endoscopy system developped by Aohua Ltd

The new endoscopy System AQ 200 is offering Full HD 1080 Pixel, the new image mode CBI and waterproof laser Transmission of Videos and images with safety and high transmission rate.


Wireless call buton KALER GEN-ST2

Wireless, waterproof pull button. Typically used in toilets. It is used to call for help in case of emergency such as fainting or heart attack. The bright color, length and flexibility of the handle allow for reflexive use.

Wireless queue system Kaler GEN-500

Convenient queue service - no cables. Communication between devices is done wirelessly. The board can support several keyboards - then, apart from the patient\'s number, the number of the office to which he is going to appear will also be displayed.


AQUATIC. Shower trolley

Aquatic is a specialist trolley designed to wash patients in hospital departments.



A new version of the pill box that has been on the European market for 20 years. Improved functionality of the closing mechanism. Perfect help in carrying out effective pharmacotherapy. Certified plastics and dyes.


New version of our bestseller, enriched with an alarm. Perfect help in carrying out successful pharmacotherapy. Even more effective therapy thanks to timely dosing of drugs. European product made in Poland from certified plastics and dyes.


The design of the product allows easy crushing of the drug, without fear of losing its therapeutic dose. Intended for people with impeded swallowing possibilities. It has a container for storing pills. Only certified plastics and dyes.

PHU MEDICAL Czesław Dąbrowski

Elmasonic Med

Elmasonic Med is the series of efficient ultrasonic cleaning devices associated with the reliable pre-cleaning of medical, dental and surgical instruments and implants. Elmasonic Med devices are registered as Class I medical products in line with the MDR directive (EU) 2017/745.


E-gabinet – patient's medical records

E-gabinet is an intuitive tool for doctors and medical facilities, enabling the keeping of electronic medical records of patients. Electronic prescriptions and appointment schedules available all the time on mobile devices, anywhere in the world, support the daily work of doctors. Schedule of visits, patient files with full history and the ability to add notes to activities carried out together with the ability to create image documentation in the form of photos and videos, increase the comfort and efficiency of doctors' work.

PPHU Praiston


MicroPlasma - an excellent alternative to a scalpel. In aesthetic medicine and cosmetology we face many problems. One of them is the need to remove skin lesions, they can be cut out with a scalpel, however, it is much better to subject them to the plasma beam and thus remove them.

VR TierOne

VR TierOne

VR TierOne is an innovative medical device that uses Virtual Reality to effectively support the process of treating depression and rehabilitation of people after strokes, oncological treatment, cardiological problems and more.

New product application