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Medical Startups Zone


A new feature of SALMED will be a special zone for medical startups.

There are many definitions of this concept, but most often a startup is considered an organization looking for a business model with an innovative solution or product. The market of medical startups is one of the most promising sectors for the development of Polish technological thought. Innovative solutions from this sector are successful not only in Poland, but also worldwide. That is why medical institutions that focus on modern technologies consider them highly interesting. For innovative startups, hospitals are a good target market and, above all, a market the is aware that sometimes you need to invest a lot before you can make a profit. 


Observing the Polish market of medical startups, we can see a similar trend as in other countries, i.e. challenges in the development of ‘digital health’. SALMED will introduce such startups in the specially designated area. Additionally, a special seminar dedicated to this matter has also been planned.



Medical Startups - special exhibiotion, pavilon 7



Medidesk is a professional tool for monitoring and analyzing phone calls, business indicators and marketing and social channels. Medidesk is an internet application dedicated to medical facilities, increasing revenues and improving the quality of patient service.


Fast, easy genetic tests

In GeneMe we deal with genetic testing in our specialized laboratories. The whole process since the arrival of the sample, through its preparation, till obtaining the report, is performed by our team. Thanks to that, we have full control over the process and we are 100% sure of the highest quality.

Incision Group B.V.

Incision Academy

Incision Academy strives to become the worldwide standard for surgical learning. That innovative e-learing platform offers a unique environment for the exchange and improvement of surgical knowledge with value at any professional level, for resident doctors and experienced surgeons alike, including basic surgical knowledge aiming at interns and scrub nurses.

Helping Hand powered by

Helping Hand is an application that allows users to build their own support network and activate it when needed. Users can discuss their problems with people with similar difficulties in the form of a text chat. The creation and use of an intelligent module is already planned at the moment, thanks to which we will support the learning of self-assessment, identification of feelings, emotions, realization of therapeutic tasks and motivation in recovery.

IC Solutions

Data digitization platform IC Pen

The IC Pen system is a platform that collects data written with various devices - documents filled with a digital pen on paper, with stylus on a tablet or signed on a Wacom device. Each of these methods allows you to collate and authenticate signatures, thanks to collected biometric data.

medVC telemedicine, 3D, e-learning

medVC is an audio-video solution for remote medical collaboration and enables live, 3D broadcasts of the operations with interactive communication. It is used, among others, by: hospitals, medical universities and conference organizers.



The Orthyo sensors provide ultra precise movement measurements in real time, while the Orthyo app guarantees supervision of exercises. All together they bring a real and significant change in the recovery process – it is safer, more effective and extremely convenient.


Mobile app for physicians 3Clicks

3Clicks is a start up which develops mobile apps in iOS and Android systems, addressed to Health Care Professionals (HCP), containing essential medical knowledge in form of unique and quickly accessible interactive algorithms, which supports diagnostic and treatment decisions.


RemmedVR - a telemedical platform for rehabilitation and diagnostic services in VR

First application of RemmedVR telemedical platform is amblyopia and strabismus treatment. We use VR for vision therapy and sell our service to over 20 clinics in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. We invest EU grants to provide more applications for our platform i.e. rehabilitation of post stroke and brain damage patients and diagnostic services within ophthalmology and neurology.


Flu SensDx

Flu SensDx is a digital diagnostic platform based on an innovative technology for detecting all influenza virus serotypes in a painless throat swab. Flu SensDx enables to detect the presence of influenza A and B virus even at a very early stage of infection in just 5 minutes. The sensitivity of Flu SensDx is 93% and the specificity is 98%.



GlucoStation is a stationary device which gives results that are equal to strip glucometers. Patients are able to measure their blood glucose levels by putting a forearm on the device for just a few seconds.



Aurero is a cloud-based comprehensive and flexible software solution for heath care centers and smaller medical practices. Electronic Health Record. Innovative Medical Registration with VoIP. Financial management. Additional integration.

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