Why is it worth?

We cooperate with the best

We present extensive offers of market leaders, such as:

thumbnail_dot.JPG Medical equipment and instruments

thumbnail_dot.JPG Equipment for hospitals, clinics and surgeries (furniture, medical equipment, disposable medical equipment)

thumbnail_dot.JPG Laboratory, rehabilitation, physiotherapeutic equipment

thumbnail_dot.JPG Equipment used in emergency medicine and emergency medical services

thumbnail_dot.JPG Communications and information techniques


Transfusion of knowledge


Cooperating with the most outstanding specialists, during the fair we organise:

thumbnail_dot.JPG specialist seminars and conferences

thumbnail_dot.JPG workshops and lectures

thumbnail_dot.JPG business meetings

Theme profile of the events: Management, Telemedicine, Aesthetic medicine, Emergency Medicine, Rehabilitation, Laboratory, Nursing, IT and other.


We reach the following professionals with surgical precision:

thumbnail_dot.JPG Managers of medical facilities

thumbnail_dot.JPG Healthcare managers

thumbnail_dot.JPG Representatives of national and local authorities

thumbnail_dot.JPG Physicians

thumbnail_dot.JPG Laboratory analysts

thumbnail_dot.JPG Physical therapists

thumbnail_dot.JPG Medical rescue worker

thumbnail_dot.JPG Nurses and midwives

thumbnail_dot.JPG Medical staff

thumbnail_dot.JPG Medicine students


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