Agapit Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

Septa Cid Ex X1

An alcohol based product for rapid surface disinfection. Dedicated to medical fascilities and hospitals. The product has a broad biocidal spectrum in a short time.


A-B Plus anti-bacterial system

A-B Plus is a complete cleaning system which components has been treated with anti-bacterial material in order to slow down the growth of bacteria, molds and fungi. Tested by CHELAB and SGS according to ISO 22196-2011 and ISO 20743-2007.


Specialist vacuum cleaner Topper 1/27 Hepa ISO5

Specialist dry vacuum cleaner for professional use in medical environments and hospitals. The device is made of a special antibacterial material. It has a certificate of medical electrical equipment


Unilav System

Multifunctional handy system. Dedicated for polimer coating, wet mopping or disinfection. Very simple and quick to use, light and ergonomic.


Septa Basic

Economic line of chemical cleaners that includes 6 concentrates, necesery in every place where proffesional cleaning is required (Floor BC, Glass BC, Sanitar BC, Multiclean BC, Universal BC and Cytrus BC)


ALVO Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

ALVO Serenada-B

Universal operating table ALVO Serenada-B designed to meet the specialized needs of bariatric patients & surgeons. Safety working load increased up to 450 kg. A flexible solution for the medical and budgetary concerns of all surgical environments.


ALVO Rapsodia

ALVO Rapsodia high-class universal operating table offers laparoscopic surgeons a variety of functions, extreme height ranges - low table top position - 600 mm - and positions that support full control and ergonomy during endoscopic surgeries


ALVO Premium scrub sink

The ALVO Premium scrub sink has been designed with WHO recommendations and surgical team’s experience in mind. The ALVO Premium scrub sink solves 2 major problems: epidemiological (quality of hand hygiene procedures) and architectural.


BTL Polska

StarWalker®- new star of laserotherapy. Ultra-efficient laser system Pico-Nano-KTP generates 4 wavelengths and operates in 14 modes. It’s force comes from ability to generate giant power in ultra short pulses


Measurement accuracy, diagnostic features and comfort in operation predispose the BTL CPET system to be used in various medical facilities. BTL CPET system provides accurate results displayed in a modern and easy-to-use user-interface.


BTL-CPMotion K Elite

CPM device with ankle module The most advanced CPM device for the treatment of all three joints: hip, knee and ankle. Quick and easy operation, real-time angle settings and preset protocols.


BTL-6000 SIS

Super Inductive System.  Innovative technology based on high intensity electromagnetic field. Operation-free therapy and immediate effects in pain reduction, regeneration, myorelaxation, myostimulation and joint mobilization.


Stride Smart Alter-G
Gait analysis system for Alter-G Antigravity Treadmill. Gait analysis during therapy on antigravity treadmill. Objective evaluation and reporting of therapy progress thanks to the system of sensors and cameras.


Fabryka Aparatury Elektromedycznej Famed Łódź


Air-flow bactericidal device MEDIVENT is designed for disinfection of air by means of a physical method with the help of UV rays. It is a device that cleanses and disinfects air in the presence of people.

Operating Lamp HELIOS160

The HELIOS160 operating light uses white LEDs as a light source. Modern, monolithic construction of the dome ensures easy maintenance, ergonomics of use and excellent cooperation with laminar flow.


Famed Żywiec

Famed NEXO is a electric hospital bed, which takes care of the patient’s comfort and safety. We have designed it for hospitals, long-term care units and intensive care units (ICU). A simple construction and high durability, combined with advanced functions and low price. Thanks to NEXO, you will provide comfort to a wider range of patients. An economical hospital bed does not mean neglecting safety standards. NEXO offers a high maximum load (250 kg) and high durability, confirmed by the positive result of many weeks of fatigue tests. Each element of the Famed NEXO bed undergoes a cycle of laboratory tests and a multi-stage quality control. Plastic and varnished elements were made using bacteriostatic pSilver™ technology.



Wireless queue display Kaler GEN-500

The device is used to display the patient's number and window / cabinet to which they have to go. There is a verbal announcement or just a sound signal reminding you changed the number. The receiver communicates with the wireless control keyboard.


Queued generator GEN-500P

The wireless keyboard is used to enter further numbers of people in the queue. All you need to do is enter the first number and then use the + and - keys. It only requires access to power for operation.



Computer Panel Arbor PC1015

Arbor PC1015 is a computer panel which serve as a multimedia assistant. The device allows quick access to information about patients, cabinet schedule, status presentation. Easy operation is ensured by a 10-inch touch panel and intuitive operation.


Card printer Entrust Datacard CR805

Entrust Datacard CR805 is a retransfer card printer with special security features. The device detects malware and can be equipped with anti-theft locks. CR805 provides the highest photographic image quality and prints ID access cards on demand


Data terminal CipherLab RS50

CipherLab RS50 is a handheld data terminal that blends personal usability and smartphone functionality. RS50 is intuitive to use, is equipped with a large cache and code reader with the ability to quickly collect data even from damaged codes.


Label printer Brother QL-810W

Brother QL-810W is a professional desktop label printer that enables two-color printing in a direct thermal technology. The device provides a high speed printing 176 mm/s in monochrome mode (24 mm/s in color) and a resolution of 300x600 dpi.


Medical cart Koncept-L KL-150

Koncept-L KL-150 is a durable and stable medical cart. It has been equipped with brakes, 8 handy drawers for accessories and a special place with anti-theft cover suitable for use with a laptop. All elements are made of the highest quality materials.


Laparo Sp. z o.o.

Laparo Aspire

Laparo Aspire is a laparoscopic trainer dedicated to individual customers for home use – mostly resident physicians and surgeons. Laparo Aspire is a trainer with unique characteristics and software in its price range.


Laparo Advance

Laparo Advance is a laparoscopic trainer dedicated to institutional clients: hospitals and hospital wards. Made with excellent quality, functionality and ergonomics. It was built for improving the skills of physicians, residents, and students.


Laparo Analytic It is the first laparoscopic trainer in the world which improves the learning process by introducing an automatic assessment of the conducted training, network work and history of training. Designed for hospital wards and Medical Universities.




LARSA RA is ceiling lighting that provides ideal working conditions for doctors and care staff who need to distinguish different colour tones. Thanks to its high colour rendering index, it can be used in dermatology clinics, dental practices, LABs


LARSA System

LARSA is new, aesthetic LED system for suspended ceilings in hospitals and health care buildings. Providing the highest level of lighting comfort LARSA can be installed in any configuration while maintaining the utmost standards of energy efficiency.


m3software so. z o.o.

Waterproof call buton

Waterproof call button that is suitable for outdoor environments Whenever customers need assistance, they can press the call button for the service Servers will know which table need service through the receiver or pager



Industrial Wireless Receiver. Press the Call button LED stays on for 15 mins Start flashing after 15 mins [unless the call's being cleared



Electrocardiographs M-TRACE mini

The smallest professional ECG


MEDfitness Maniac Gym A.B.H. Leszczyńscy

Body Composition Analyzer InBodyS10

A specialized analyzer for dialyzed patients. It allows you to determine the correct dry body mass, gives recommendations on the body's water content and muscle mass, which are key factors for extending the life of dialyzed patients.


Body Composition Analyzer InBody770

An accurate and reliable analyzer that provides comprehensive diagnostic data to monitor health. It enables analysis and diagnosis of both adults and children, including people with grade 1 and 2 obesity


Body Composition Analyzer InBody570

The fastest, upgraded solution for health monitoring. Separate measurement for the trunk, arms and legs is a guarantee of accurately measured values of body fat, skeletal muscles and water distribution in the body


Body Composition Analyzer InBody370

Precise analysis of the current body composition, changes and progress of the training and diet program. The patented InBody technology does not use empirical estimates in the study, so that gender or age do not affect the results.


Body Composition Analyzer InBody270

A precise and effective way of assessing the body composition and health status of the person, as well as controlling the changes in body composition over time, thanks to which it is very easy to control the progress and adjust effective slimming



Videocolposcope HD-1000 The videocolpposcope is used for the imaging and diagnostics of the lower part of the female genitals tract. It is more modern version of a device known for decades as the colposcope.


Medikol Systems sp. z o.o.

Service CT and MRI Philips

In response to market demands, Medikol launched CT and MRI Philips and Siemens service.


MEDSEVEN Sp. z o.o.

Portable CPAP Z1

Portable CPAP Z1 is an innovative technology enclosed in a small, light and fully integrated device. CPAP Z1 by Breas sets new standards in sleep apnea therapy – it is 45% lighter and 37% less than competing devices


Infusion Pumps by HEDY

Premiere on Salmed 2018 – Infusion pumps by HEDY are modern equipment with advanced modular design, providing multi-channel infusion. Intelligent technology guarantees safer and more accurate treatment in a hospital setting.


Cough Assistant NIPPY CLEARWAY

NIPPY Clearway - provides unique, advanced technology, enabling versatile and effective options for airway clearance and cough augmentation. This model is designed for use with patients via a full-face mask, mouthpiece or tracheostomy.


PULMO-VENT is a line of products dedicated to anesthesia and pulmonology. It includes high-quality breathing filters, heat and moisture exchangers that are successfully used in hospital and specialist home care


ONIRIS Oral Orthosis

Oniris – an innovative oral orthosis, effectively solving the problem of snoring and sleep apnea. The thermoplastic properties of the product guarantee ease of use and precise fit. Medseven is the exclusive distributor of the Oniris brand in Poland.


MIRO Sp. z o.o.

Hitachi Arietta Prologue

ARIETTA Prologue has been designed especially for the point-of-care (POC) ultrasound market. Thanks to its intuitive and simple operation, it fulfils the fundamental role of a portable ultrasound system, bringing the clinical benefits of diagnostic using.


Hitachi Aloka ARIETTA V70

ARIETTA V70 incorporates features that reduce stress and improve its ease-of-use. Detailed ergonomic design that meets recommended industry standards supports a comfortable working environment.



ARIETTA 850 is the flagship model of the ARIETTA series diagnostic of ultrasound platforms. Leading-edge technologies have been incorporated that generate premium performance in each aspect: imaging quality, operability, and advanced applications.




The Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture N.I.L. Eva Sp 7 is the evolution and culmination of advances in liposuction techniques. The latest system for removing fat, considered by the plastic surgeons as the most safe, precise and effective


Examination Chair AKRUS SC 5010 SEK

Mobile Examination Table AKRUS SC 5010 SEK. Made in germany. Particulary suitable for: Orthopedics, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology and others. Removeable shoulder segments. Stabilizes head and upper body during seated.


Examination Chair PROMAT MX

- Made in Germany, Wide armrests, Multifunctional armrests, headrest and leg rests enable you to work in an ergonomic position,Equipped with 4 powerful actuators, Operated by foot switch or remote control.


Surgical Lamp LED EMALED 500/500 (Double)

The Operating light EMALED 500 and the combination lamp EMALED 500/500 are most suitable for daily operating room work. EMALED 500 has an illuminance of 100,000 lux per lamp and a 180-350 mm diameter of working area.


Autoclave PHOENIX Blu plus, made in Italy. The B-class autoclave with fractional vacuum has been incorporated into a simple and intuitive user interface, ensuring adequate performance and readiness to work. B, in just 24 minutes.


Sonomedical Spółka z o.o. Sp. K.

Ultrasonograf SonoScape P50

Empowered by SonoScape’s new generation ultrasound platform, the P50 system enhances flexibility and intelligence to a new level. P50 improves its signal transmission and reception which leads to higher sensitivity and more accurate echo detection


Ultrasonograf SonoScape E2


New SonoScape E2 platform provide users a more efficient scanning process, due to its advanced technology. The E2 image quality gives fisicians a clear view of lesions, which enable them to improve diagnosis accuracy and save scanning time


Ultrasonograf SonoScape X3


SonoScape X3 is extremely light weight and small. A laptop design providing you with an experience of confidence, mobility and flexibility during any situation. X3 offers a wide range of transducers to fit your every need for clinical applications.




The Evario is suitable not only for day-to-day patient care, but also for intensive care and for promoting a speedy recovery. It is the ideal hospital bed for providing efficient care and comfortable conditions for patients and medical staff.


TEMIS Sp. z o.o.

Tanks for storage of liqefied gases. Cryogenic tanks are a fully designed system that ensures the storage of gases in refrigerated liqefied form and delivery to the customer's installation.


Lightweight aluminum cylinders equipped with a valve integrated with the pressure regulator are used in home care applications and in hospital emergency departments, as well as in the MRI magnetic resonance environment up to 3 Tesla.


LAPAROS. KRIOTEROS and LAPAROS medical carbon dioxide. Medical carbon dioxide (liquid cylinders) - used in endoscopic surgery (laparoscopy, colonoscopy, tonometry), cryotherapy, and in aesthetic medicine (carbosyntheraphy).


TENTE Sp. z o.o.

Linea Safety

Linea safety is a castor with an automatic braking system. Maneuvering of the wheel, is possible after activating the lever, then the blockade is released. Thanks to use of cables, as in a bike, all the wheels in device unlock instantly.


Timko Sp. z o.o.

Hologic 3Dimensions

Newest mammography equipment from Hologic. Tomosynthesis, contrast exams, tomobiopsy, 3D CAD. Now everything with unexpected resolution 70 microns.


FAXITRON Biovision/Biovision Plus/PathVision

Series of the perfect products for X-ray exams of tissue and biopsy. Compact construction, highest resolution. Possibility to use inside the surgery room.



The highest resolution on the market and the lowest dose thanks to new CMOS flat detectors New detectors for all the VISION series



A breakthrough in the field of core biopsy. Now the biopsy equipment can make a X-ray picture of the core specimens. High speed biopsy with on line verification inside the exam room now possible.



ASEPTOR® UV-C Disinfection Systems

Extremely effective, exceptionally quiet, trouble-free in use device. - working in two modes: automatic and manual - programmable working time in automatic mode - remote control - bulb failure sensor - generating reports of worktime (bluetooth)


Computer Nurses' Station DiCO®

Allows proper data flow in hospitals e.g. medical patient history by access to hospital database like HIS. Complete separate and independent medical computer designed to operate in areas which require the highest standard of microbiological purity.


Zakład Techniki Medycznej "Tech-Med" Sp. z o.o.

Medical equipment cart APAR-1 series AP-3 type

Medical equipment cart with the height adjustment by gas spring provides: - comfort of use in both sitting and standing positions - the opportunity of producing the carts according to the customer needs. - Polish products!


Baby crib BM series BM-04 type

Baby crib - a new quality for the comfort of new brand mothers, thanks of : - stepless adjustment of the height and tilting of the tub using a gas springs - the possibility of setting the tub over the mother's bed which ensures a closeness of both.



Wristband printer Zebra HC100

Zebra HC100 is a compact and practical wristband printer. Two-inch device has USB and RS-232 interface as a standard which guarantees the best communication. HC100 supports many types of materials to meet the requirements of any application.


Touch computer Zebra TC51-HC

Zebra TC51-HC is a multifunctional touch computer in a rugged housing. It enables communication with employees by calls and texts, access to electronic medical records, scanning codes from medicines and samples and device monitoring


Barcode scanner Zebra DS4308-HC Zebra DS4308-HC is a new generation barcode scanner. Precisely reads even indistinct or damaged barcodes. The device has an IP42 certificate and housing resistant to disinfectants. It enables adjustment of the readout signaling method.


Barcode scanner Zebra DS8178-HC Zebra DS8178-HC is the highest quality mobile handheld scanner. A capacious battery allows for continued work for many hours. The device has been equipped with a revolutionary housing that provides maximum protection against the spread of bacteria.


Card printer Zebra ZXP3

Zebra ZXP3 is a dye-sublimation card printer that enables clear, high-quality printing of color or monochrome single-sided and double-sided cards. It is fast, compact, perfect for tight places, easy to use and provides low operating costs