The best products - Gold Medal 2016

Gold Medal, one of the most recognizable awards on the Polish market!


MTP Gold Medal Winners SALMED 2016

Category: Medical devices and equipment

AsTER Cardiological Rehabilitation Unit

ASPEL S.A., Zabierzów




AsTER Cardiological Rehabilitation Unit is an innovative system designed to carry out the group rehabilitation, ensuring individualized course of the training for each patient with simultaneous ECG monitoring. The rehabilitation unit can be equipped with 16 workout stations designed to organize training according to a preset programme. AsTER system allows to generate workouts for patients in an intuitive way, based on the results of the stress test

Hemo Control Microcuvette Haemoglobin

"EKF – Diagnostyka" Sp. z o.o., Myślenice



. Hemo Control Microcuvette - a fast, easy and precise determination of capillary or venous blood haemoglobin to be used in laboratories, hospitals, doctors' offices and sports facilities.

HITACHI ALOKA Arietta V70 ultrasound scanner


Submitted by: MIRO Sp. z o.o., Warsaw



Hitachi Aloka Arietta V70 is a Premium class ultrasound diagnostic system, inheriting the achievements of two companies that have developed most of the technical solutions applied in modern medical ultrasound diagnostics. It was launched for the first time in mid-2014. Hitachi Aloka Arietta V70 is a fully universal system, covering the entire range of applications in medical ultrasound imaging diagnostics for the needs of all specialities.


MERYcomfort hospital headwall

INMED -Karczewscy Sp. z o.o.. Sp. k., Krępice



MERYcomfort headwall is one of the few solutions on the market that is so comfortable for the patient, who within arm's reach has access to electrical sockets, light switches, USB and mobile charging devices sockets or nurse call systems. When to functionality, ergonomics and comfort beautiful design is added, the result is MERYcomfort headwall "different than all other". Front elements are made of CORIANU® - non-porous Solid Surface material without visible joints. It is extremely hygienic, easy to keep clean and offering long service life.


ELI™ series electrocardiographs


Submitted by: MDS Cardio Sp. z o.o., Warsaw


ELI™ series electrocardiographs by the Mortara Instrument, Inc. American company is a complete line of resting ECG devices, focused on the acquisition, analysis and management of ECG data in the simplest possible way, regardless of the clinical environment. Advanced technology, innovative solutions and friendly design ensure the ease of operation, accuracy and reliability of results. The ELI™ series is always a guarantee of diagnostic ECG.



SiliconBeat 3 ECG monitor with Holter SiliconBeat 2000 software

Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo-Handlowe MEDEA Sp. z o.o., Gliwice


SiliconBeat 3 Blue is a 24-bit Holter micro-

monitor offering the design that will be modern for many years. It performs up to 14 tests on a single battery. Its weight does not exceed 22 grams, and its size resembles that of a box of matches. Patient's comfort and discretion thanks to clamping on electrodes. No more tangling up cables and illegible record. Now the cables are short and the contact of electrodes is controlled for the entire duration of the recording. It is the most high-tech monitor on the market!

PURO hospital bed

STIEGELMEYER Sp. z o.o., Stolno


The modern, multi-functional Puro hospital bed, electrically operated by means of an intuitive remote control. The bed has been equipped with innovative MultiFlex+ side rails that are extremely lightweight and easy to use and which can also serve as a support when getting up. The modern design makes the model not only functional, but also aesthetic. Out-of-bed system provides a number of features making the work of medical staff easier, e.g. automatic phone notification if a patient gets out of bed.

VENTA long-term care bed

STIEGELMEYER Sp. z o.o., Stolno


The modern Venta long-term care bed , electrically operated by means of an intuitive remote control. The bed has been equipped with innovative side rails that can be easily folded up and unfolded even with one hand and which can also serve as a support when getting up. The model is not only functional, but also aesthetic thanks to soft fabric covering. It allows for individual adjustment of the bed to the character of the room. Out-of-bed system provides a number of features for the patient and for making the work of medical staff easier, e.g. automatic bedside lamp or phone notification if a patient gets out of bed. The additional 24 V function helps to save electricity.


Service category

"Plus dla Ciebie" (Plus for you) comprehensive health care investments

FORMED Sp. z o.o., Sp. k., Żywiec


"Plus dla Ciebie" (Plus for you) is a personalized, individual, tailored to customer's needs service, developed in response to the market needs, resulting from long-term cooperation with the representatives of various levels of medical sector. Current trends indicate the need to arrange a number of matters with a single competent provider. Time becomes increasingly scarce "commodity", and we watch every penny. Complexity is the best solution. In a complex way, that is comprehensively. The investor saves time and money, and the hospital receives a fully designed, constructed and equipped facility, according to its expectations.


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